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    Wall Lumber Company has a huge selection of products for the serious woodworker. Use the navigation buttons on the left to take you to different pages where you can read what is available, a description of the wood including sizes and grades, and the prices within each category. More details about terminology may be found on our Order Form page.
    We are dealers for Oliver woodworking machinery. The old Oliver Machinery line has been reinvented and includes some of the best quality and variety that I have seen in years. They are based in the Seattle, WA area. We are now able to offer considerable discounts and major freight savings since we are their southeastern distributor. Please visit to view products. Call us at 800-633-4062.
    Our Premier Hardwoods include the Oaks and Cherry you expected, and the Sassafras and Butternut you probably didn't expect! Many fine hardwoods are described and priced on this page. The Fine Softwoods include the Pines, Cedar, and Cypress and the Exotic Wood page has beautiful woods from all over the world, such as Kingwood, Teak, Zebrawood, and many more. The Furniture Plywood describes our many plywoods for your fine furniture projects, and for crafting and toll painting see Craft Plywood. The 20 Bd. Ft. Bundles page will offer you special lumber packages deliverable by Fed X Ground, and you will love the special bundles of rare wood such as Canarywood and Rosewood found on the Thin Craft page. Flooring is available in Oaks, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, and Hickory on the Hardwood Flooring page and wonderful bundles of Cherry and Walnut are available on the Cherry, Walnut, and Oak Shorts page. Builders will be interested in the products on the Cabinets and the Mouldings pages, and the unusual Ambrosia Maple and Canarywod are featured on the Turning Page.
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