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The Story of the Truck
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I had been searching for a truck for use as an advertising program for the last few years. I wanted something that would be an eye catcher, but most of all I wanted one that we could create a first class wooden bed. My search came to an end in July 2010 when I found a 1954 Chevrolet 3800 (1 ton). The truck was in good condition for its age, but I decided to completely restore it to new condition.
Wall Lumber Wall Lumber
Truck before restoration.
With the help of my friends and customers, the Holcomb family, of Madison, NC, the project began. The Holcombs, who are legendary for their antique vehicle restoration, tore my truck into a million pieces. Then they began the long process of restoring, replacing, and painting. My work also began the creation of the perfect truck bed.
Wall Lumber Ribbon grain African Mahogany was carefully selected for the project.
Wall Lumber Mahogany was fitted to fit the frame.
Wall Lumber I used Wenge for the rub rail to simulate a metal look.
Wall Lumber Bed is together waiting to meet the truck.
Wall Lumber Frame is sandblasted, primed
Wall Lumber and painted.
Wall Lumber Truck is painted
Wall Lumber and re-assembled.
June 2011 was the mating of the truck with the bed. The bed was coated in Cabotís Australian Timber Oil. We duplicated my grandfatherís cross cut was on our CNC Router to create our sign logo. Several customers have purchased mahogany for floor and stair projects after seeing the truck bed.
Wall Lumber The Holcombs deliver the truck.
Wall Lumber The finished product!
Wall Lumber         Wall Lumber
Wall Lumber     Wall Lumber     Wall Lumber
Since finishing the truck, I have shown it at the National Antique Automobile Club of America Show and won first place. I plan to show it at several more events. The next time you visit Wall Lumber, ask to see THE TRUCK.
Wall Lumber Remember, ISELLWOOD!

Thank you.

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